Publish billion video on YouTube to help the deaf and dumb

YouTube giant Google Inc.'s announcement of the launch and deployment of more than one billion video added to it decided a translation of the audio files automatically called automated captions
Publish billion video on YouTube to help the deaf and dumb

The YouTube to do that step to help the deaf and dumb to understand the video without the need for any guidance

The reason for the YouTube add this update is to try to help more than 350 million people around the world who have a hearing problem in a new way to enjoy not provided by one of YouTube users to the platform now

The date of suspension automatic automated captions to 2006, when the launch of Google's first comment on the video and audio conversion to invent texts feature

But it was adopted at YouTube then for three years

 And it must be mentioned that these days there are a lot of casual users who do not have a hearing problem using these feature in the caption read translations and reliable instead of listening to the sentence for the development of language skill
Publish billion video on YouTube to help the deaf and dumb
 Large developers YouTube that he says will be the integration of automatic comments many of the basic YouTube languages, namely, (Italian, French, German, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish as well as English).

 He says that because there is a huge amount of videos and diversity shall be not easy to integrate the automatic suspension to it easily but due to user analysis to understand the English language comments algorithms have been developed and improved by up to 50% so far

In the end, thank the YouTube platform Permanent her efforts and continuing their search for ways to help astronauts YouTube from all directions    

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