Download USB Device Tree Viewer

USB Device Tree Viewer 3.1.1

You can manage and control all devices connected to USB ports and view the full details of the device connected to the port
Download USB Device Tree Viewer
Keyboard, mouse, flash memory, reader or any other device

You can find out all the required information about the tool connected to the port on the left and the data is displayed on the right.

Also you can see which of the ports is used in the playlist

Simply if you press the USB port and show the connected device data you will know that this port is being used
Download USB Device Tree Viewer

So you know how much port you have, whether you are using or not connected to any devices
Download USB Device Tree Viewer

Through the program you can do many works on the tool related to it
How so

When you press the right mouse button on the connected tool you can reboot it or remove it safely.

This lets you determine if the connected device is working normally or has a problem

In this new release, the data of connected devices will be automatically updated as soon as they are connected

Specification and download the USB Device Tree Viewer 3.1.1

Compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 (32-Bit / 64-Bit)

Program size is 280 KB

Official site USB Device Tree Viewer

Download the USB ports management program from here
Or from here

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