Protection from WannaCry ransom virus

The recent virus attack has hurt so many users. And damaged the interests of people in Have suffered significant losses in their work!!
The virulent virus named WannaCry
Protection from WannaCry ransom virus
Exploits a loophole in Windows versions that have not been updated since March
It encrypts the full hard data and asks for a $ 300 ransom to recover your files
I mean if you have a company that has 10 devices, it costs $ 3000
And payment by famous digital currency

Not affiliated with any party and can not be tracked
Victims of the virus during the first day only tens or hundreds of thousands .. Millions can
In more than 100 countries
Of them are big companies of FedEx uniforms
And the British Health Authority
And the German Train Authority
And the Russian Interior Ministry
And universities in Italy and America
And the number is growing terribly fast!
Spreads randomly
Not targeted at specific countries or companies

Without distinction .. He takes advantage of everything he Encounters
If you are one of the people who have been infected,There is no solution except to leave Harddisk away and use another new one   ..
Until a solution to the virus appears
If you are a healthy device and have not been targeted yet .. Quickly do an update for Windows or at least

Download Microsoft Update to address this topic
Scroll down to the name of your copy in the table
Dos it and load the first file .. and the temp
If your copy is old (Vista or earlier):

Or, it is possible to do the steps when the property with the vulnerability is temporarily closed
Open Control Panel >>
Click Programs >>>
Click Turn Windows features on or off.
In the Windows Features window >> Clear the SMB1.0 / CIFS File Sharing Support checkbox >>>> and then click OK to close the window >>> then restart your computer

If the property is still in use, keep using the tulle from Symantec to lock it.

And of course Do not forget to make a backup to  The important Files
And put it on a flash memory or
external hard disk .
And open or download any links or files from  known or known

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