important update in WhatsApp "Edit after sending"

WhatsApp has launched a new update or corrected two updates

The new updates provide services called post-transmissions
important update in WhatsApp "Edit after sending"

The basic update is the possibility of modifying the messages after they have been sent
But provided that this is before reading it from the future

The Washington Chronicle spoke of this new update and says that from now on there will be no embarrassing positions for the user of the application because of sending an embarrassing message or if he wants to delete the message after sending it

The update also added the possibility of deleting the message after sending it not later than 5 minutes

Thus, Facebook's WhatsApp application has devised a completely new technology, deleting messages after sent

This unique technology is expected to be popularly admired

It is expected that the application will be launched after the latest updates to the users of the IOS system to be released later for Android users

Another update expected to be launched is for another advantage: to make important talks always at the forefront

This is done by pinning the conversation to always be at the top of the conversation

The user can specify a specific number of conversations which is three conversations with the pin code that will be at the top of the conversation when you press the length of the chat icon is shown at the top next to the deletion or trash and when it is clicked chat is highlighted

This update is aimed at facilitating the user to reach the most important conversations

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