Drawing with artificial intelligence draws you what you think "cool"

 Can you imagine finding a way to transform a drawing in your head into a painting of the highest magnificence and realism?

I wish I had a talent for professional drawing so that I could draw landscapes, distinguished buildings, or even a bridge in a different way.

But I am not one of those who have that talent, and I kept looking for ways to develop that talent, but I got busy with it because of work, lack of time, or laziness, whatever the reason. I could not reach what I wanted, but with the search I found a site that greatly attracted my attention.

The first thing that caught my attention to this site was the basic idea, which is to use artificial intelligence technology to produce the graphics that I have in mind.

I decided to try it before writing about it to you guys

Drawing with artificial intelligence draws you what you think "cool" 

A site produced by the world-renowned giant Nvidia company in the field of premium graphics and graphics cards

This site works to understand the user's thinking when trying to draw something on a blank canvas through the set of tools available on the site such as

brush  the eraser  the pen

And a set of built-in styles on the site, you can choose one of them to be the main background for the work, or you can upload one of the styles you have on your compute

And you can leave that background blank, determined by the site according to the graphics that you draw with your hand to be suitable for the subject of the painting you want and give you a distinct imagination for the final work that you drew

And this is the most important thing in the matter that artificial intelligence technology has provided many facilities in many fields, including industrial, engineering photography and others, and now it has been integrated into art and hobbies as well.

You can develop your skill or make your family and children interested in this field and keep them away from negative games such as violence games and other useless games. On the contrary, they develop aggressive or isolationist motives from the world

But if they are directed to sites such as these and others to understand the meaning of artificial intelligence and its uses and to train on it through hobbies and games that develop their minds and motivate them to innovate, then this is the ultimate goal.

Here is a simple and quick example of how to use the site

Go to the website link at the bottom of the article

It gives you some quick instructions that you can read by clicking on Next

Drawing with artificial intelligence draws you what you think "cool" 


Drawing with artificial intelligence draws you what you think "cool" 

And so, every time you press Next, a panel appears

Or you can cancel these instructions and go directly to the drawing by pressing the x

The interface of the site is a drawing board divided into two parts, one of them is milky and the other is empty

First, we must know that we agree to the use agreement as in the picture  

Drawing with artificial intelligence draws you what you think "cool" 

Then you can draw and the drawing will be on the colored part

Then we choose from the side menu on the left what we want to draw

The list is divided into a number of sections, which are four main sections: buildings or floors, spaces and landscapes, and the last section is plants

Each of these sections contains a set of options that appear below

For example, you want to draw a house, we click on the first section, which is buildings, and choose from the bottom a house, and so on

Here we show you a quick experience of the drawing process and the results appear by pressing the right arrow button located at the top of the drawing board

Drawing with artificial intelligence draws you what you think "cool" 

The final result of the drawing is shown on the right

You can save the design before the render or show, as well as save the drawing after imagination as it appears on the site

Of course, graphics and images are protected by intellectual property rights for those who draw them. These are the most important advantages of artificial intelligence technology

Here is the direct link to the site

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