Download the best version of Windows 10 suitable for all devices

 Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC (x64) is one of the best versions of Windows 10

Download the best version of Windows 10 suitable for all devices

 This version is characterized by complete stability and works for a long time without crashing or slowing down

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC (x64) works on all devices, both weak and powerful

It does not require any high capabilities to install it, so you can install the copy on a computer that has only 1 GB of RAM

Processor 256 is enough

And the hard disk must contain an empty space of not less than 30 gigabytes, and this is not to install the copy only, but to have a large area to install any programs and games on the copy without worrying about running out of space. As for the copy only, 20 GB is sufficient.

Windows 10 Enterprise edition contains all the drivers required for the device, such as the drivers for the motherboard, the processor, and the cards attached to the motherboard, such as the graphics card, the net card, and the sound. All of these pieces are defined automatically with the installation of the copy

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC (x64) is a light version and contains all updates from Microsoft until the end of 2021

After downloading the version, you need to burn it to a flash memory or USB

Important information that you should know before you start burning Windows on the flash drive

You must first know the type of hard disk (hard disk) on which you will install the system

 Download the best version of Windows 10 suitable for all devices

How do I know the type of hard drive?

Simple steps we review together

Right click on the computer icon on the desktop

We select manege

 click on volumes

choose as in the picture, right-click on the primary hard drive, and select Properties

follow the steps in order, as in the picture, and we get the hard format as we see

 Download the best version of Windows 10 suitable for all devices

After we know the hard format, we go to the program through which we will burn the copy

You can use one of the programs from our website in for geek or from any other source

The best of these programs is the Rufus program, and you can read the following topic about downloading, running and using this free program

 Download Rufus to make bootable USB flash drive 

For activating the version, after burning and installing, you will find the activation file on the desktop

Open the file and run the activation directly, and the version will become activated, work with you for life, and accept updates

If anyone wants us to make a video of how to install Windows 10 and bypass the obstacle of a Microsoft account during the installation, it is sufficient to request that in a comment on this topic

now, here are the download links for Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC (x64)

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