Anti-malware Crystal Security 3.5

Anti - Malware protection
 Crystal Security 3.5 Anti-Malware

Malware is becoming more widespread and more dangerous than viruses
The main concern for personal device owners is how to provide maximum safety
This sense of insecurity has become a headache in the head of every computer user, especially in view of the spread of dealing with the Internet in a large way
There are many malware protection programs online
Our mission is to test and filter what is effective and suitable for visitors to the site
From our experiences we have tested the strength of some programs in the field of Malware control and these programs
Crystal Security 3.5 Anti-Malware
And provided a good response in the protection and control of the infection of malware
Crystal Security 3.5 Anti-Malware
The application uses good and effective technology to identify malware and modified programs that may corrupt the operating system and inform the user of any changes that occur on time
It allows identification of tasks performed by the program in the protection mode and also how to report possible attacks
And control settings as picture
 Crystal Security 3.5 Anti-Malware

It needs NetFrameWork 4.5 and we will provide the link below the article
The portable version is connected to the application over the Internet and malware is automatically listed in the blacklist

Specification and download anti-malware
Size is 1.11 MB
Support operating systems Windows Vista / 7/8/10 (32-Bit / 64-Bit)
The official site of Crystal Security
Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
Download Crystal Security 3.5 Anti Malware from here
The full beta version is here

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