The latest features of WhatsAPP are e-payment and tracking people

Everyone knows how WhatsApp application is important      
احدث مميزات واتس آب الدفع الالكترونى وتتبع الاشخاص
What distinguishes this application and contributed greatly to the rapid spread and confidence of users is an advantage to keep up with the constant development in the world of chat
The application capabilities are developed and increased to the satisfaction of users
We recall together what developments have taken place in recent implementation and what latest benefits have been introduced
We mentioned earlier in our website some advantages about the application of WhatsApp
Including the feature of retrieving messages after sending them. We also mentioned that this feature will allow users of iV on the ios system to retrieve messages, whether text, images or even video, and the service has not actually been launched yet, but will be available with the new update

The second feature is to modify messages sent after sending them
It is somewhat similar to retrieving messages but in which the sent message is modified provided that it is read by the recipient

It has other advantages in application
Auto-play feature for video
This feature allows the user to view the video on the YouTube platform without having to leave the application

The important thing now is the latest features to be added
The actual tracking feature for people
Live places are called Live
And allow friends to share their places with others in real time, so that parents and friends can participate in the interviews, monitor the places where our children are and take care of them
The feature will be completely secure because it is encrypted

The other feature is coming
Money transfer
At the beginning of the application, it will be available in India, as there are a huge number of users for the application of up to 200 million users in India.
This is done through the UPI interface,
And the application of PHM is a payment application that allows electronic payment over mobile easily

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