Cleaning tool forcibly "Norton Power Eraser"

Sometimes we are exposed to programs deceptive and cause big problems for your computer and loopholes in the system and breakthroughs through those gaps
At times, we can not remove those applications that caused those problems
But also it comes to that he could not get to the cause of the mistakes Here the importance of that tool Norton Power Eraser
Cleaning tool forcibly "Norton Power Eraser"

Submitted by a giant company in the production of Norton protection programs
Working Norton Power Eraser tool to solve all the problems of these types, which produce as we mentioned about some deceptive programs such as Antivirus software imaginary Such Aloune called  "scamware" You may subsidiary of Norton discovery of these threats and attempts by those malicious programs from trying to impersonate legitimate programs, the survey instrument and thus are difficult to remove or detectable by standard methods known
Working to detect and delete it strongly
But given the strength of the work of Norton Power Eraser tool in the discovery programs that harm the computer and remove effects that prevent and Thaterha must be careful when you use them
Must choose the files to be deleted carefully and not rush it will wipe any file, and even determined that it was the system files
Explain how the work device which Norton Power Eraser
In the beginning you do not need to install the software
Once the download press doubleclick the icon is completed and will ask you to accept the agreement in order to use the survey 
Cleaning tool forcibly "Norton Power Eraser"

After that we are pressing the scan Scan
Cleaning tool forcibly "Norton Power Eraser"

The next window shows us and them two choices: either the survey after the restart process and this option is used in the case of whether your machine is infected strongly and can not control the application you are working pressure on the reboot Restart option
But if you are sure your computer safety and want to clean up all the files you can Alzguet to complete Continue
Cleaning tool forcibly "Norton Power Eraser"

The survey takes a few minutes and be at this time display and scanning files unearthed progress
And you can work to repair those files, but Symantec advises job screening device which control before the reform process because it could have been the most suitable liposuction files and not repaired

Cleaning tool forcibly "Norton Power Eraser"

After the long scanning process existing in the tool offers another report in the following image and see where there was a suspicious file, but it is not known threat and have this file mostly dossier legitimate and must be removed and this is what we acknowledge him at first that he must be careful in using this tool
Cleaning tool forcibly "Norton Power Eraser"

To find out the details of any file from those files, you can press it and it will show you all the details of its own whether it is from a reliable source or breach

Cleaning tool forcibly "Norton Power Eraser"

Upon completion of the audit examination you can click on the Fix to the Norton Power Eraser program to remove files and the creation of system restore point before deleting so you can restore order in case of problems due to delete infected files
Cleaning tool forcibly Norton Power Eraser

Information and specifications of the program Norton Power Eraser
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 operating system
Size 3.25 MB
Free License
Norton official website

Now we come to the download from here

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