QTranslate 5.7.0

Program QTranslate 5.7.0 wonderful
Its a software to translate text into several languages and bring different translations of the many sites and famous in the field of translation including Google Translate and I was not good for most users

QTranslate 5.7.0
The upgrade program wonderful QTranslate

It provides options to choose the best translation from among the many sites such as Google Translate ,to translate ping,translate Baidu,Yandex translation,translate wish Pacquiao ,translation of the Babylon working,a translation of Rome ,depends on dictionaries and the translation of many sites ,and the beauty of it you can add dictionaries of your own to the program see photo

QTranslate 5.7.0

Program QTranslate 5.7.0 wonderful

And  auto correct text

Explain install the software, simple as that

After you download the software from the links

Just follow the pictures

The upgrade program wonderful QTranslate

QTranslate 5.7.0

Click on I Agree

QTranslate 5.7.0

The upgrade program wonderful QTranslate
In the picture, we find he asks you to specify the version to install depending on your use either on the device or a portable version on a USB Flash or Mimosa Mastercard to use anywhere and on any device
After selecting your choice, press Install

QTranslate 5.7.0

The upgrade program wonderful QTranslate

Here is the installation and you can use the program

You can customize the buttons of the keyboard

QTranslate 5.7.0

The upgrade program wonderful QTranslate

You can press Ctrl+Q to get the translation in a separate window

Or you could press Ctrl double click to view the translation in the main program window

Also, if you want to listen to text press Ctrl+E

Look in the dictionary, press the Win+Q

Well you can do all that directly without the shortcuts by opening the main program window and write the text individually or copy and paste

Languages that are supported by

Afrikaans , Albanian , Arabic, Armenian,

Azerbaijani Basque, Belarusian , Bulgarian,

Esperanto, English , Estonian, Filipino,

Finnish Chinese (Simplified), Catalan, Chinese (Traditional),

Croatian, Czech , Danish , Dutch,

German, Galician, French, Georgian,

Greek, Haitian, Creole, Hebrew, Hindi,

Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian,

Indonesian, Icelandic ,Hungarian, Hmong,

Italian, Irish, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean,

Latin, Lao, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian,

Maltese, Malay, Norwegian, Persian,

Slovak, Sinhala, Slovenian ,Spanish, Swahili,

Ukrainian, Tajik, Turkish, Thai,Swedish,

Urdu, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Welsh, Yiddish,

Very easy in use and does not need to be explained and detects the language automatically, too.

The possibility to pronounce words and where you can listen to the original text to fall too.

Works in the background of system Vickers light on any device

The size is very simple and you can use it on USB

Important notice the software works online any must have of your Internet connection to get the translation

QTranslate 5.7.0

The program QTranslate on a keyboard fake or virtual

The software is compatible with systems running Windows XP SP3 ,Windows Vista , Windows 7 ,Windows 8 , Windows 10
Download  QTranslate 5.7.0 from here.

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