A new feature in Watts App soon

Famous for immediate talks currently Watts App application adds a new feature that allows users to share animation "GIF" among themselves, within the renovation a huge future, where the pictures "GIF became a new language of visual messaging Messaging on the Internet, according to the site," von Arena

A new feature in Watts App soon

He explained "@WABetaInfo" account, competent to pursue amendments to the Watts App, on Twitter, that the next version of the application number "" will integrate and support the motion pictures "GIF" in the talks, and will allow run automatically once exchanged between users.

The site: The running animation "GIF" probably will work only with the links "GIF", meaning if a user directly from his attempted Image "GIF" moving, it will not work.

Application version remains supportive for Photos "GIF" in the experimental stage, "beta", is expected to launch the final version of the application soon, without specifying the exact date.

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