Task settings to keep the volume of Internet data

Owners of mobile devices browsing the Internet and maintain a high-speed Internet data size for a longer period by doing some settings in the smart phone or tablet computer system, as reported by the magazine "Connect" German.
She explained the German magazine, that the user can search for jobs provide data in installed on mobile devices applications and activated for savings in the consumption volume of data, and then will not the application on download photos and videos, but when you connect to the Internet via WLAN wireless network.
The user can identify the most consumed on the size of the data in Apple laptops equipped with applications system "EOS" in "Settings / Menu Portable Network", and for devices equipped with Google's Android system, it can access these applications via the "Settings / use of data" list, these lists and provides the user application-specific consumption statistics, and here the user can in case of doubt, the prohibition of the exchange of data in the background through the mobile telephony network.

Task settings to keep the volume of Internet data

The offers run Google's Android system, the possibility of issuing alerts when access to a pre-determined volume of data, in addition to disable the exchange of data via mobile telephone network when the limit is reached are set in advance.

And it advises the German magazine the user, according to the German news agency, to exercise care and caution when dealing with dense data content such as videos, photos, music files; as soon evaporates Internet connection data size if the user depends on the video or music data flow services. In such cases, users must rely on Max Opera browser available for free for Android devices, which compresses data sent.

Because the call e-mail messages, which are made in the background operations, working on the consumption volume of Internet data, the user can be automatically adjusts the e-mail program, so do not send e-mails or call only after clicking on the button.

In addition, it is operating mode Offline without Internet connectivity, and is currently available in a lot of applications, one of the important functions of the savings in the consumption volume of data. Through this mode the user can in a lot of maps and applications for data applications flow of services, from download songs or maps on smart phones or tablet computers by connecting to the wireless WLAN, in order to be used later without the need for an Internet connection

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