Apple stopped supporting books and videos in China

Apple has stood firm for services by providing books and films over the Internet in China after Beijing imposed a law in March to impose strict restrictions on publishing online, especially for 

Apple stopped supporting books and videos in China
foreign companies. And met with attempts by Reuters on Friday to enter the Apple shop services for e-books (Aepoks Apple Store) and the iTunes store for movies (iTunes Movies) Chinese-language letter says that these services "
Unusable. "The New York Times quoted for exporters not Tzmhma say that the regulatory body for the media in China's State Administration of Press and Publication, radio, film and television demanded Apple to suspend services. Administration did not respond to a request for comment sent Reuters faxed. A spokesman for Apple in Beijing:" We hope availability of books and movies once again to our customers in China as soon as possible ", rejecting manuals Comment further. This is not the first time that the service to Apple's stop in China. Great China is -alta Taiwan, Hong Koonj- include the second largest market for Apple in terms of revenue as a result of the People enjoyed by the iPhone in the largest market for smart phones.
But the company met several times formally resistance from Beijing under the official media described the phone to the iPhone as a threat to national security

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