Improved translation of Google Translate

Improved  translation of Google Translate
Google has improved the performance of its translation Google Translate to provide service without an Internet connection.
Improved Google translation Google Translate

Improved Google translation Google Translate
In order to systems IOS apple and Android jelly bean 4.2 and subsequent versions.
These new updates presented three features added to the application.
Application support visual translation in Chinese
Improved Google translation Google Translate

Improved Google translation Google Translate
Interpretation, once the decision to the text directly on the Android system
Translation system of apple without the need for Internet connection
Use the Android OS is able to copy directly from the conversations or sites or whatever text translation in a pop-up window when transcription is directly show no deviation from the web site or chat watch video annotation
The translation of languages in your application Google Translate and GATT is available in 103 languages
The technology of translation works without an Internet connection by installing packages of user dictionaries, inflicted on the IOS
The user selects the packet language dictionaries, which wants to translate it.
By the arrow button next to the language and downloading
It is stored on the phone.
Do not worry about the size of these dictionaries are not to exceed 25 MB.

Cleaning tool forcibly "Norton Power Eraser"

Sometimes we are exposed to programs deceptive and cause big problems for your computer and loopholes in the system and breakthroughs through those gaps
At times, we can not remove those applications that caused those problems
But also it comes to that he could not get to the cause of the mistakes Here the importance of that tool Norton Power Eraser
Cleaning tool forcibly "Norton Power Eraser"

Submitted by a giant company in the production of Norton protection programs
Working Norton Power Eraser tool to solve all the problems of these types, which produce as we mentioned about some deceptive programs such as Antivirus software imaginary Such Aloune called  "scamware" You may subsidiary of Norton discovery of these threats and attempts by those malicious programs from trying to impersonate legitimate programs, the survey instrument and thus are difficult to remove or detectable by standard methods known
Working to detect and delete it strongly
But given the strength of the work of Norton Power Eraser tool in the discovery programs that harm the computer and remove effects that prevent and Thaterha must be careful when you use them
Must choose the files to be deleted carefully and not rush it will wipe any file, and even determined that it was the system files
Explain how the work device which Norton Power Eraser
In the beginning you do not need to install the software
Once the download press doubleclick the icon is completed and will ask you to accept the agreement in order to use the survey 
Cleaning tool forcibly "Norton Power Eraser"

After that we are pressing the scan Scan
Cleaning tool forcibly "Norton Power Eraser"

The next window shows us and them two choices: either the survey after the restart process and this option is used in the case of whether your machine is infected strongly and can not control the application you are working pressure on the reboot Restart option
But if you are sure your computer safety and want to clean up all the files you can Alzguet to complete Continue
Cleaning tool forcibly "Norton Power Eraser"

The survey takes a few minutes and be at this time display and scanning files unearthed progress
And you can work to repair those files, but Symantec advises job screening device which control before the reform process because it could have been the most suitable liposuction files and not repaired

Cleaning tool forcibly "Norton Power Eraser"

After the long scanning process existing in the tool offers another report in the following image and see where there was a suspicious file, but it is not known threat and have this file mostly dossier legitimate and must be removed and this is what we acknowledge him at first that he must be careful in using this tool
Cleaning tool forcibly "Norton Power Eraser"

To find out the details of any file from those files, you can press it and it will show you all the details of its own whether it is from a reliable source or breach

Cleaning tool forcibly "Norton Power Eraser"

Upon completion of the audit examination you can click on the Fix to the Norton Power Eraser program to remove files and the creation of system restore point before deleting so you can restore order in case of problems due to delete infected files
Cleaning tool forcibly Norton Power Eraser

Information and specifications of the program Norton Power Eraser
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 operating system
Size 3.25 MB
Free License
Norton official website

Now we come to the download from here

QTranslate 5.7.0

Program QTranslate 5.7.0 wonderful
Its a software to translate text into several languages and bring different translations of the many sites and famous in the field of translation including Google Translate and I was not good for most users

QTranslate 5.7.0
The upgrade program wonderful QTranslate

It provides options to choose the best translation from among the many sites such as Google Translate ,to translate ping,translate Baidu,Yandex translation,translate wish Pacquiao ,translation of the Babylon working,a translation of Rome ,depends on dictionaries and the translation of many sites ,and the beauty of it you can add dictionaries of your own to the program see photo

QTranslate 5.7.0

Program QTranslate 5.7.0 wonderful

And  auto correct text

Explain install the software, simple as that

After you download the software from the links

Just follow the pictures

The upgrade program wonderful QTranslate

QTranslate 5.7.0

Click on I Agree

QTranslate 5.7.0

The upgrade program wonderful QTranslate
In the picture, we find he asks you to specify the version to install depending on your use either on the device or a portable version on a USB Flash or Mimosa Mastercard to use anywhere and on any device
After selecting your choice, press Install

QTranslate 5.7.0

The upgrade program wonderful QTranslate

Here is the installation and you can use the program

You can customize the buttons of the keyboard

QTranslate 5.7.0

The upgrade program wonderful QTranslate

You can press Ctrl+Q to get the translation in a separate window

Or you could press Ctrl double click to view the translation in the main program window

Also, if you want to listen to text press Ctrl+E

Look in the dictionary, press the Win+Q

Well you can do all that directly without the shortcuts by opening the main program window and write the text individually or copy and paste

Languages that are supported by

Afrikaans , Albanian , Arabic, Armenian,

Azerbaijani Basque, Belarusian , Bulgarian,

Esperanto, English , Estonian, Filipino,

Finnish Chinese (Simplified), Catalan, Chinese (Traditional),

Croatian, Czech , Danish , Dutch,

German, Galician, French, Georgian,

Greek, Haitian, Creole, Hebrew, Hindi,

Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian,

Indonesian, Icelandic ,Hungarian, Hmong,

Italian, Irish, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean,

Latin, Lao, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian,

Maltese, Malay, Norwegian, Persian,

Slovak, Sinhala, Slovenian ,Spanish, Swahili,

Ukrainian, Tajik, Turkish, Thai,Swedish,

Urdu, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Welsh, Yiddish,

Very easy in use and does not need to be explained and detects the language automatically, too.

The possibility to pronounce words and where you can listen to the original text to fall too.

Works in the background of system Vickers light on any device

The size is very simple and you can use it on USB

Important notice the software works online any must have of your Internet connection to get the translation

QTranslate 5.7.0

The program QTranslate on a keyboard fake or virtual

The software is compatible with systems running Windows XP SP3 ,Windows Vista , Windows 7 ,Windows 8 , Windows 10
Download  QTranslate 5.7.0 from here.

"Viper" compete "Watts App" poses a new property

Now "Viper"chat application users , write comics in their messages can, which has long demanded by users of the application, "Watts App", which is a blow to the application of the most popular in the world, the biggest rival
"Viper" compete "Watts App" poses a new property

Through this new feature, you can send photos in animated conversation funny pages, while the maximum Watts App, users can, is to convert the animation to video clips, and not sent directly.

According to the newspaper "Daily Star" the British, that is not the first blow received by the application of the "Watts App", where the application Tlegram recently announced, for the possibility of amending the talks, which have already been sent.

But it's not that bad for users and Watts App, where it is expected the arrival of a new feature for video calls soon, although the company has not officially commented on the news

LEGO Digital Designer 4.3.9 for 3D Design

The LEGO Digital Designer you can design anything you imagine in your mind.
The programme is the application of the simulator can accumulate a lot of designs by LEGO parts
The design of three-dimensional LEGO Digital Designer 4.3.9

You will be able to create any design you want easily.
The design of 3D LEGO Digital Designer
For example, you can create a design for a robot, or a building or airplane or boat or anything you want
The design of three-dimensional LEGO Digital Designer 4.3.9
The design of three-dimensional LEGO Digital Designer
There is inside the program is a very large set of tools that help to get the job you want in the best picture
Besides the possibility of reviewing what I designed by presentation of the tripartite dimensions
Can children develop their skills and talents to this application designers and teachers to explain
A close to real environment construction
In this release added many improvements, including
Building instructions in HTML
Adding audio effects
The ability to cut and paste, copy, select all
The addition of a large set of tools for improvements
Adding animation to design
The possibility of changing the color of one part, or a hold at one time.
Create more than one copy of design and review all of the backgrounds.
Provides technical information on Construction Tactics
Program size: 276.3 MB
Supported operating systems
Windows XP Vista / 2003 / 7 / 8 / 10
Free free
The official website of program LEGO Digital Designer 4.3.9
LEGO Digital Designer 4.3.9 Download from here.

Free Download "Viper" the chat application for Windows 10

Microsoft announced the beta version of the application of the talks today provide  Viber for windows 10, and can be obtained free of charge from the windows store, to be there if all the hardware, operating system, windows 10.
This is it the company last month to release version of the application Lmukhtbry demo versions, the fiber has maintained for more than a year of development comprehensive application for windows 10 operating system for mobile phones.
Viper, previously did not provide any details of the development process, it only had a few months to work continuously to today's announcement, combined with Microsoft for the demo version for download.
Launch of the beta version of the Viper application for Windows 10
The application provides features not available in previous versions, the users of the windows 10 operating system to send messages and make phone calls high quality video over a network Wi-Fi wireless cellular networks.
The application provides a user interface to suit all familiar hardware operating system of windows 10, because the application has been built in an ad hoc manner for windows 10, as the Microsoft.
The application further features include type, end to end encryption end-to-end and general chats feature and feature sets that up to 200 people and sharing photos, video, and audio, transmission labels and links, as well as for delete the message after it is sent.
The application Almutghyr design allows access to the best viewing experience, and regardless of screen size and whether it is used on the computer desktop, laptop or tablet. Phone lock code, and help to protect messages including messages, groups and messages sent by other user devices
Download the application Viber for windows 10 from here

Pale Moon browser 2016 Free Download

PaleMoon Browser supports many Firefox extensions you can recover passwords and 

  bookmarks and important programs such as Aldaonlod Manager of Firefox to mind moon
Download a pale moon in 2016 browser free computer

Pale browser moon and one of the best Internet browsers and because it is compatible with Windows operating systems and Linux, based on Firefox, but it is distinguished from Firefox high speed in the open internet pages, the program provides has a large security while browsing the Internet, preventing viruses, Trojans and malicious software access to your computer, the browser is characterized by the existence of specialized equipment for the disabled, the browser is updated continuously and regularly, you can put your favorite sites in a favorite for easy access to it again. PAL is the moon Browser is a browser optimized for all modern processors, help browser parents to control the content presented to children to avoid watching their harmful violence and landscapes,
The browser is easy to use and has a highly efficient browsing sites Aliturnt and is compatible with Windows 7, 8, XP and others, and the browser interface is simple and contains all the tools that help you surf the Internet smoothly, the program helps you easily communicate with your friends through high speed in opening communication pages Social Kalves Facebook and Twitter do not consume a lot of processor resources and thus speed web browsing and supports HTML5 and WebGL support the possibility to use the profile to Firefox, addresses and settings used by the latter version supports full safety to browse the internet is a free browser for quick and easy browsing online sites.
Program size: 20.4 MB
System Requirements: Windows XP -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8

Download  Pale Moon browser last version here

A new feature in Watts App soon

Famous for immediate talks currently Watts App application adds a new feature that allows users to share animation "GIF" among themselves, within the renovation a huge future, where the pictures "GIF became a new language of visual messaging Messaging on the Internet, according to the site," von Arena

A new feature in Watts App soon

He explained "@WABetaInfo" account, competent to pursue amendments to the Watts App, on Twitter, that the next version of the application number "" will integrate and support the motion pictures "GIF" in the talks, and will allow run automatically once exchanged between users.

The site: The running animation "GIF" probably will work only with the links "GIF", meaning if a user directly from his attempted Image "GIF" moving, it will not work.

Application version remains supportive for Photos "GIF" in the experimental stage, "beta", is expected to launch the final version of the application soon, without specifying the exact date.

Google and LG are working on making smart clock understand hand signals

Company "Google" work in cooperation with the company "to LG and laboratories MC" to manufacture smart clock fitted with an electronic chip from Sully Project Soli project, can the new hourly control through hand movements, without the need to touch it, along with its support for the possibility of control by the rhetoric and touch, thanks to the user, including radar, which can track hand movements, and disclose and translate them into commands to control smart smart clothes, watches and other devices.
Google and LG are working on making smart clock understand hand signals

The demo showed a time which was built in partnership with "LG" the possibility of passing the messages on the screen by moving the clock hand back and forth model, you can also choose a message for the time to read it completely through some clicks light fingers.
Can also sensor movement from a distance of up to 15 meters detection, which allows its use in other products such as audio revealed by the company, which is based in collaboration with JBL company amplifier, which uses algorithms Soleil project in order to move between music using hand movements.
The "Google" has offered Soleil project for the first time during the Google I / O conference last year, worked the company since then with about 60 a developer to develop the technology, and provided them with the tools necessary to build identify objects that work with wearables possibilities.
The company has this year introduced a new chip belonging to the Sully project, which the development team to re-design based on the old slide that was displayed last year. The new chip smaller size, and reduce energy consumption by up to 22 times with an increase in efficiency.
The "Google" to work continuously to develop Soleil project and its chip, which is still in the developmental stages, the company did not reference to the expected date for the release of these new products to those operating the slide

Apple stopped supporting books and videos in China

Apple has stood firm for services by providing books and films over the Internet in China after Beijing imposed a law in March to impose strict restrictions on publishing online, especially for 

Apple stopped supporting books and videos in China
foreign companies. And met with attempts by Reuters on Friday to enter the Apple shop services for e-books (Aepoks Apple Store) and the iTunes store for movies (iTunes Movies) Chinese-language letter says that these services "
Unusable. "The New York Times quoted for exporters not Tzmhma say that the regulatory body for the media in China's State Administration of Press and Publication, radio, film and television demanded Apple to suspend services. Administration did not respond to a request for comment sent Reuters faxed. A spokesman for Apple in Beijing:" We hope availability of books and movies once again to our customers in China as soon as possible ", rejecting manuals Comment further. This is not the first time that the service to Apple's stop in China. Great China is -alta Taiwan, Hong Koonj- include the second largest market for Apple in terms of revenue as a result of the People enjoyed by the iPhone in the largest market for smart phones.
But the company met several times formally resistance from Beijing under the official media described the phone to the iPhone as a threat to national security

Free PDF TO Word Converter

The Free PDF TO Word Converter
Pictured is a program to convert documents to the PDF Word files
Free PDF TO Word Converter

To be able to copy the part of the essay, translated, or modify the addition or removal of a certain
PDF to Word Converter
The program is completely free, fast action, easy to use, very PDF only when you want to convert any file to put the file and press convert Convert
When you choose to convert the program will establish a mill file, illustrated and described and can be used to program the roses of versions 2003 and 2007
It is compatible with all versions of windows and has very simple interface and conversion method, which means that you can click right click on your document and converted to the required format so you can extract the data from the document, printed, or modified as indicated.
You can download it from his official site here.

Picture collage maker to integrate image free 2016

Picture collage maker to integrate image free 2016
The picture collage maker for integrating it in a professional way. With this program, you from me for any other program because it provides you with full features required to have you don't need many programs that work to modify images.
Picture Collage Maker
Picture collage maker to integrate image free 2016

Also, the picture collage can integrate more than professional image in a single image in a very special as it is the strongest programs Almstkhdmhfy merge photos the program works to take full control over image quality, which is created and you can also control the size of the picture that works.
You can also write to the pictures, it gives you a Ltstjdha lines in the program. And also the best features owned by this wonderful program that contains a simple interface and easy to use so that beginners can work on the program.
Picture Collage Maker
The program works to create an album also contains many, many wonderful effects
Picture collage maker to integrate image free 2016
Also, the program contains a lot of different tire with the possibility of creating photo cards for birthdays, anniversaries, different using all of this wonderful program, the program also supports many the world languages including English, French, Italian
It's really a great program and experience.
Click here to download

Download versions of Mac OS X Whakntwsh and installed

Download versions of Mac OS X Whakntwsh and installed
There are more than one way to obtain a modified system of MAC osx86
Download versions of Mac OS X Whakntwsh and installed

First, it can get a image file and run it on the dummy player. You can download a copy of the program
Code explanation.
From here.
Or here.
Research on software sites or you get a newer version or via torrent.
The second method is rather complex because they rely on MAC system is the basic system to operate the device, you must get a copy of the DVD burning - the size of 9 GB, you won't have a cylinder of this size and if you can get it and they'll burn copy and use easily
Either you do not have such a size of CDs in the worry, there are more than one way.
The first way is to use an application called Transmac
And on the way to burn a copy system for flash memory safely and used in the boot process
But is not reliable in all versions of the
If you use a Mavericks Niresh will find that there is a dedicated tool called Lladah 
Win32DiskImager explained simply

You can do this, but to be customized version of burning on the USB
The second method to get the formula of the Image for VMWARE as we mentioned in the former and his inaugural program if you want to continue the journey in the get version a complete system of basic operating system
The version I will burn the flash memory from inside the MAC system. It is the best and effective 100% but tired and would require downloading many files only if you have a laptop running Mac OS. Or by one of your friends. You can turn to
You can download the hackintosh and Macintosh versions of this site here.

Android system on the computer program Andy OS

You can Andy OS program v0.46.2.161 of using the entire Android system on your personal computer
In the beginning there is a lot of programs which you can run Android on a normal computer
Android system on the computer program Andy OS
But what distinguishes Andy OS v0.46.2.161 program from other programs operating in the same specialization
Simply explain the difference

نظام اندرويد على الكمبيوتر ببرنامج Andy OS

تشغيل العابك المفضلة على الكمبيوتر

Other applications put limits on the use of any sense Ktbaiq It's designed to run Android games on the computer they are just player for a specific application
The program is in our hands today is Atej you to use the entire Android system on the computer is automatically configure the system tablet or Mobile to work on a computer screen, you can also use all communications and applications on the computer as you use on other Aladzh that use Android
Application features
The last working version of Android system
Lets you download applications directly from the disc to top the software emulator
It coincides perfectly with Android that you use on Mobile
Is fully compatible with Windows and Mac systems
How to use the application Andy OS
When finished downloading the application and start using it on the device show a black screen and the message meaning Andorad the update
After that show us the welcome message and choose from your favorite language
Then click on Start
The direct action program and import your information by Emile Google that you use the device Altab
And you should choose a synchronization feature to be able to gather information for entry
After that when the end of the previous step tells you that he has been working and turning your computer into a Tablet

Android system on the computer program Andy OS
Use Watts in August by the application on your computer

نظام اندرويد على الكمبيوتر ببرنامج Andy OS
The application comes complete Alandroed components such as MSN ID and email and applications and download applications from the Play Store or App Store and various communications. You can also use any Watts in August by the application on your computer
Also the possibility of running your favorite games on your computer as if you are on the tablet can control and customize the way you prefer, such as the use of Altach screen or keyboard shortcuts

Android system on the computer program Andy OS

Run your favorite games on your computer

Kmazkrna in the top of the topic that allows you to use the entire Android system, not just to run the games
Program size 439 MB
Now is the time to download Andy OS v0.46.2.161 from here
His official from here

Download Windows 10 officially from Microsoft

Download Windows 10 ISO

Download Windows 10 officially from Microsoft

Download the windows 10 version of Microsoft.
You can download the official version of the windows 10 ISO file ISO burned to DVD into the DVD and used directly.
Tips before you start to use windows 10 from Microsoft
Check a computer connection to the Internet
A device, which they are to be version if USB please be sure of the good.
They have to be DNA disc into the DVD or the memory stick USB completely empty when used with windows 10
Because if she has any data it will automatically erase them.
Make sure the next version before downloading
What kind of a core processor, you may have 32 or 65 bytes.
And that you enter into PC settings reviewed the information in your system, or via a control panel Control Panel and login system System then, System type
Also enter this link system requirements sponsored by Microsoft and see to the operational requirements of the system and the matching your specifications
So you will have time of your current language selection
To find out, then enter into control panel, chose region
Of course, everyone knows that the windows 10 requires a Microsoft. Office. If you have installed a new device and office. You need to enter the link below and install version
Download and install Office 365 Home, Personal, or University on your PC
If you already have Office 2010 must possess a number Altslsly programme as well as office 2007
Finally, after the confirmation of the points mentioned above explain how to download from the website.
When you enter the link which will put it at the end of the topic go into place.
Download Windows 10 officially from Microsoft

Download Windows 10 officially from Microsoft
After pressing the confirm 
Download Windows 10 officially from Microsoft
 He is going to do a quick check and asks you to select the desired language and
Download Windows 10 officially from Microsoft 
Download Windows 10 officially from Microsoft
After that we select the language, you'll be asked 32 or 64 core type
Download Windows 10 officially from Microsoft
After the selection of the kernel and pressure will directly loading and downloading the ISO version for windows 10
Come Alarn entry page to link to download windows 10 from Microsoft word

Quick Start feature in Windows 10 know it

Learn quit Aserag in Windows 10 feature

Many users are looking for ways to increase the newer Windows 10, Microsoft system speed, an advantage exists and there is built into the system could help users in this goal, a Quick Start fast startup feature, which is doing a combination between the closure Shutdown and hibernate Hibernation to provide faster boot.
تكنولوجيا عربىfast startup feature is when you run them by making Windows system stores some system files in Hibernation File, and then when the user closes the calculator completely (Shutdown), and turn it back on, the system uses these files to boot faster, since it is a summary, the feature by making computer lift off from Hibernate file instead of the boot from the start.

And require fast startup feature activation Hibernate feature, which is enabled by default, unless the user to disable it manually, which is a case where a computer put some system files where, to be used for take off faster, rather than re-establish these files and settings from the beginning .

We will Below lists the steps to activate the Hibernate, and then explain how to activate Quick Start fast startup feature.

Activate / deactivate the case Hibernate:
Click Click the right mouse button Right click on the Start menu button, and select (Command Prompt (Admin, from the pop-up menu, and if the system asks you whether you want to let the program make changes in the device, press Yes, yes.
In case you are interested in disrupting the Hibernate, in the window Command Prompt, then type the following command:
powercfg.exe / hibernate off
, And then press the Enter button.
In the case of wanting to be activated, if it is disabled, do by typing the following command:
powercfg.exe / hibernate on
, And then press the Enter button.
Activate / deactivate Quick Start feature fast startup:
Open the Start, then click on the Settings button settings.
Open System system partition.
Select Power & sleep.
Click on the additional power settings Additional power settings.
After opening the Additional Options window, select Choose what the power buttons do, on the left.
At the bottom of the window, there will be division named Shutdown settings, includes an option
(Turn on fast startup (recommended, and then turn on the feature by clicking on the option box.
In the case it was not able amendment to the option, select Change settings that are currently unavailable, and if emphasis was placed on the option request, press Yes, yes, and then activate the feature as normal.
Then click Save changes button, you will activate the feature.
It is noteworthy that the feature works only when the device is closed entirely Shutdown, where users do not benefit when re Restart operating, and will enjoy the user more quickly in the device driver

Addressing the mistakes of Windows 10

Mistakes Windows 10

While using Windows 10 it is very contained to encounter some problems or errors that you must fix them so that they can work better, although the Windows 10 that Microsoft Corp. to make it a better version of a series of versions of its Windows operating system strongly strives to be the latter, of course, will not deliver of some of the problems and mistakes that may be exposed during use of the computer permanently as the large number of navigation and software download and delete some of them and the different activities that you can play them on your computer, and this for the performance of Windows 10 system improvement and reform all the mistakes that It might be exposed to your computer you need to download Windows 10 Manager software.
Windows 10 Program Manager or Director of Windows 10 in Arabic is
Free program specializing in repair of all 10 windows errors and if you intend to use Windows 10. It is indispensable to you for downloading this program because what is available upon the features you will need it most certainly, in that it is a management tool for Windows 10 in general and you can through the program improve the efficiency of the work of its Windows operating system through a variety of free tools and so essential that it contains Windows 10 Manager program
.br.s. Processing errors Windows 10
برنامج معالجة اخطاء ويندوز 10
You can then download the software and installed on your computer to start the Windows operating system 10 and control it fully manage because you can create points to restore the original system of Windows 10 and the removal of all the changes that you made as you can all the different problems that you may experience on Windows handle well too to accelerate the speed of the computer and work through Windows fix errors and hard drive cleaning to remove everything that can contribute to making the computer slow, as you can your folders and files encrypted by Windows 10 program Manager
.br.s. Processing errors Windows 10
Windows 10 Program Manager in brief is an important tool it is essential that you download and just installed on your computer in the event that you have decided to work running Windows 10. The new system, where you are on the way will ensure that work on Windows 10 safely and without any fear of state problems because even Anhdt and you can very quickly repaired through this program.
Addressing the mistakes of Windows 10 program
Professionally you can manage Windows 10 through Windows 10 Manager program through the range of options and tools it contains and which differ between the improved performance of the system and change the default settings, and many of the features that you will discover the same after using the program.
Windows 10 Manager software downloa

How to know when your friends start of your writing on the Facebook Messenger

Serve the large number of people Facebook Messenger service that allows them to chat and communicate with each other very easily, due to the number of Facebook network of large users, most people Atrusselon with each other via chat service to this network.

How to know when your friends start of your writing on the Facebook Messenger

It is useful for the user to get some additional features that Facebook Messenger is not offered formally, and a practical features are telling the user informed that someone of his friends had started writing to him even before the other party to send the writing, but only began to write a message to the user.

This is done through the use of add Facebook Sixth Sense available to users of Google's Chrome browser, which allows its users to the possibility of knowing when it anyone Bmraselthm on Facebook Messenger starts without having to go to the Facebook tab or site Messenger, enough to keep the user's window Facebook or site Messenger has open on the browser, and will be noted that the addition icon lights up when someone starts writing to the user.

Task settings to keep the volume of Internet data

Owners of mobile devices browsing the Internet and maintain a high-speed Internet data size for a longer period by doing some settings in the smart phone or tablet computer system, as reported by the magazine "Connect" German.
She explained the German magazine, that the user can search for jobs provide data in installed on mobile devices applications and activated for savings in the consumption volume of data, and then will not the application on download photos and videos, but when you connect to the Internet via WLAN wireless network.
The user can identify the most consumed on the size of the data in Apple laptops equipped with applications system "EOS" in "Settings / Menu Portable Network", and for devices equipped with Google's Android system, it can access these applications via the "Settings / use of data" list, these lists and provides the user application-specific consumption statistics, and here the user can in case of doubt, the prohibition of the exchange of data in the background through the mobile telephony network.

Task settings to keep the volume of Internet data

The offers run Google's Android system, the possibility of issuing alerts when access to a pre-determined volume of data, in addition to disable the exchange of data via mobile telephone network when the limit is reached are set in advance.

And it advises the German magazine the user, according to the German news agency, to exercise care and caution when dealing with dense data content such as videos, photos, music files; as soon evaporates Internet connection data size if the user depends on the video or music data flow services. In such cases, users must rely on Max Opera browser available for free for Android devices, which compresses data sent.

Because the call e-mail messages, which are made in the background operations, working on the consumption volume of Internet data, the user can be automatically adjusts the e-mail program, so do not send e-mails or call only after clicking on the button.

In addition, it is operating mode Offline without Internet connectivity, and is currently available in a lot of applications, one of the important functions of the savings in the consumption volume of data. Through this mode the user can in a lot of maps and applications for data applications flow of services, from download songs or maps on smart phones or tablet computers by connecting to the wireless WLAN, in order to be used later without the need for an Internet connection